I actually tried slashing(nm10235032)

It is blue. I thought as if I can not do it with real movement, like rhythm heaven most favorite "ia あ い 斬 り" It became this feeling. Others, video pictures → mylist/16446334 twitter: http://twitter.com/blaues Blog: http://scarletff2400.sakura.ne.jp/kotohonblg/ Those who attached the curtain to the market, thank you for your concern We are located. Thank you for your concern and thanks again for your concern 7/30 postscript: I also tried out Gaiden → nm11562804 Congratulations on everyone's rhythm heavenweight Wii release! http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ wii / somj / index.html The game live performance started! mylist/32803372

I was afraid that it was as the titleNikoniko Engineering DepartmentRhythm heavenWho told me to do soMillion that could not escapeAOAihiroHigh level of playingUseless and sophisticated useless move uselessly wastedSlander文武両道


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