【Beyblade】 Fear of 30000 revolutions OVER 【Brushless】(sm11011607)

good evening. It is NACK. Purpose goes in a strange direction p The specification of the main This time, based on previous reflections, the battle is the center video. It might be a bit unsatisfactory, but please. Beyblade burst? Previous time: sm10990909 Next video: sm11239871 Latest: sm21625945 Same day shoot: sm11011681 Mylaris: mylist/14488653 BGM: Totto: sm486315 Michael is saying: sm4449851

Original reproductionDevil remodelingThe beginning of the legendMillion videoNikoniko Engineering DepartmentNico Nico Weapons Development DepartmentBeybladeGalaxyGeorgeBronsonReason why Japan has no nuclear weapons


【Beyblade】 Fear of 30000 revolutions OVER 【Brushless】 Download

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