【Traveling Videos】 We travel in the new world Part: 0 【Kanto pot】(sm20343139)

Journey through the Kanto Ichiba making pot, start ※ It is going to be updated every Saturday at 20 o'clock from next week! Thank you! "Planning explanation" Kanto region 1 city 6 prefectures all around in three days, buying "local pots" here in each prefecture, and finally including the delicious ones in the Kanto region "Kanto hot pot" make. In addition, all the plans for the trip are crowded by two people, the driver and the front passenger seat, and the two of the rear seats are not told where they are taken ... [※ notes through the whole series ... .... # 3:35] mylist/36301246 ■ Part: 1 → sm20413832 * The sound source, illustration, etc. used for this movie are those with consideration for copyright.

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【Traveling Videos】 We travel in the new world Part: 0 【Kanto pot】 Download

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