When I entered Famima I got more tension [2016 Remix](sm28345721)

It is KN. Thanks to you that Famima entrance sound Remix (sm 8129671) is about 5 million playback soon, I tried to recreate 2016 Remix with new electribe! Please go exciting! ! DJ-specific sound source is soundcloud ↓ https://soundcloud.com/kn_famima/2016remix-dj-mix 2016/7/22 I made the official demo song of electribe → sm29298624 soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kn_famima/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/KN_famima Mail: knfamima@gmail.com KN related work → mylist/17885571 KN Community: Famima Electribe 1 store backstage → co240122

I tried to playExtraordinary addictiveConvinced impressionEDMelectribeKNFamima entering store soundDo you warm the floor?パリピーマート何故リメイクしたしオーナー(主旋律)不在


When I entered Famima I got more tension [2016 Remix] Download

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