Self-conflicting big brother Self-made comment suspicion(sm28938044)

Verification 2nd sm29726170 verification 3rd sm30461595 self contradiction http://www.nicovideo.jp/user/49133138 ghost story 100 Homo 2015 reconsideration 1st frame sm27908438 2nd frame sm27908951 3rd frame sm27909137 4th frame sm27909174 5 frame Eye recording failure 6th frame sm27909213 7th frame sm27909333 8th frame sm27909421 9th frame sm27909479 parenting cocoa lion sm28422646 retaliation KMR sm27070361 site used for verification Nico Rice - Nico Nico video viewing & comment extraction http://nicoco.net/ Postscript We will also control our speech.

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Self-conflicting big brother Self-made comment suspicion Download

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