I went solo camp alone! 2 Part 2(sm29697113)

It is surely the second part of a solo camp that will become "memorable" someday. At first, it is light summary and equipment introduction, the main part starts from around # 1: 01. We enjoy quietly with seafood and sake at night banquet · · · Basically I eat dinner outdoors and drink alone so there is no problem without seeing the first part. Recently I have been busy late for the second part post than I thought. And I truly decided to drop pace for a while while selfishly. 【Postscript】 Thank you who added Lo Kan △ to the market, Thank you very much! Although I bought it and read it, it is a loose and good manga (* 'ω `) For future development and animation It is hope !! Solo camp first part → sm29571595 outdoor cuisine my list → mylist/39533352 slow commentary → mylist/54033637

NatureSolo campOutdoor foodStrong prawn linkOutdoorYamakiraSeafood BBQTakako Spaghetti丸かじり


I went solo camp alone! 2 Part 2 Download

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