Grilled fairy tales 1st episode "Sukiya's Mix Bath Breakfast"(sm30893231)

In the morning, Northeast Kiritan (elementary school fifth grade) who was going to school as usual was a floating expression. The cause is hungry due to being unable to eat breakfast due to certain circumstances. To have breakfast surely it was unbearable to pull out the morning for the doctrine of taking it. If you go to elementary school like this, you can not concentrate on the lesson. Though I thought so, I'm trying to find a diner though I am on my way to school. Pakuri Hommage Honorable · Lonely Gourmet (6th Season) Starring · Tohokutari Kuritan (Elementary Grade 5th Grade) Next → sm30927720 Posted video mylist/58618008 Now lonely gourmet Season 1 is being distributed for free on Nico Nico! Let's see together! ! Postscript: (Playing comment Mylis advertisement seeing) Geez, something has become a terrible thing

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Grilled fairy tales 1st episode "Sukiya's Mix Bath Breakfast" Download

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