[Hatsune Miku / MV] Tesla is in a dream / TOKOTOKO (Mr. Nishizawa P)(sm31098605)

■ It is TOKOTOKO (Mr. Nishizawa). Sorry I made you wait. 【NHN Playart x niconico】 Sumaho Game "# Compass" Hero "Nicolas Tesla" Theme Song http://app.nhn-playart.com/compass/ Music: TOKOTOKO mylist/13883338 @ NishizawasanP Illustration / Video: mylist/21136372 @ betete 02 Mix · Mastering: Friends Wanted P mylist/22904031 @ tomobop Encoding: 7 @ user/10114232 @ 7 _ fh inst → http://zawaso.com/downloads/inst/tesla.zip Broma → ar1253373 http://zawaso.com/ ■ It is a night when love falls in our city ← sm30920751 ■ Hungry monster → sm31677384 ※ Please do not reprint to other video sites such as Youtube.

VOCALOIDHatsune MikuMiku original songEnter VOCALOID Hall of Fame#compassDAM & JOY now being deliveredHatsune Miku famous piece linkMr. Nishizawa PTeru (Painter)Tesla in a dream#コンパスキャラソンリンク


[Hatsune Miku / MV] Tesla is in a dream / TOKOTOKO (Mr. Nishizawa P) Download

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