Suddenly, I became a Tohoku clan! 【Live2D】(sm31725650)

Since there is no work, it is my first post. Im6897354 's mechanical finger tapped a bit to make it available for FaceRig sm31383040 ← Tools to operate Live2D model on AviUtil 【Steam's FaceRigMOD link】 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1106528883 【 Live2D model distribution link】 goo.gl/7E1ZjS 5000 trillion yen Because you want, it is a place you would like to say it is a paid distribution but I do not want to dispute with VOICEROID's rules or so, so I will distribute it free of charge depending on the heart of affection I love you Okune https://mozeen.stores.jp/ Neko http://en.scp-wiki.net/scp-040-jp Postscript: Thank you for many advertisements! Advertiser, I thought about writing here but it took a limit on the number of characters I feel sad

Tried to make itPerson PatrolledFaceRigTohoku kiritanVOICEROIDLive2DSerious accommodation violationAha face double pieceI'm a cat, thank youAvatar


Suddenly, I became a Tohoku clan! 【Live2D】 Download

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