Tokaido Traffic War Chapter 6 "Shuttle Flight Warfare"(sm31758380)

It is an aviation industry that seemed to be a breath on the success of the shuttle flight, but an unprecedented terrorist case triggered, and it is in a struggle at once. Especially the JAS that was most difficult to manage among the three major companies is put in a crisis of survival and decides to integrate with JAL in order to avoid bankruptcy. However, it did not lead to integration smoothly. Chapter 6 prequel → sm31585345 second part → sm31781083 Tokaido Traffic War Myrice → mylist/57958388 Tokyo Osaka Transportation War (former story) Mylis → mylist/28654159 Stray Airplane · Stolen Airline Company Legendary Myth → mylist/24098760 Carrier Hokuriku version Mylis → mylist/19084652 Carrier Economy Mileys → mylist/45040373

Slow explanationhistoryCar Series Car SeriesLet's go with a series car seriesLet's go by a stray airplane seriesPeople in a lane car (Hokuriku)Court catRailway history seriesJapan Air SystemAll Nippon Airwaysakamomo


Tokaido Traffic War Chapter 6 "Shuttle Flight Warfare" Download

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