【Fantastic Youth】 Tried sunny 【Low Fat × Oshima (♨︎)】(sm32196775)

Original musical sunny / Orangestar (sm31840221) ▶ Rap / Mix: LowFat [mylist/45995634] (@ Low FatP) ▶ Vocal: hot water (♨︎) [mylist/56727286] (@ xxonyxxx_new) ▶ Video Arrangement / Enc: ハ ラ ビ ッ シ ュ [mylist/55929501] (@ good_sky_piece) LowFat has partially modified Oke. Oshima (♨︎) is a recording monkey with a condenser microphone. 【FantasticYouth】 [mylist/59718264] Regular broadcast "Hello Fuyu" Every Wednesday from 20 o'clock to 21 o'clock YouTube has limited video so please check it twitter: @ Fantastic_Youth YouTube: https://t.co/S1Ubs9k7KR There is 1 day left to the ChoParty Continuation Contribution No. 6

tried singingOshima (♨︎)LowFatFantastic_YouthHiraganaFuyu YuSunny (orangestar)OrangestarDouble Million快声


【Fantastic Youth】 Tried sunny 【Low Fat × Oshima (♨︎)】 Download

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