【City] I will make people in Shibuya happy. Part.1 【Commentary】(sm32344663)

"Town, it is a place to spend a casual day everyday" Many thanks to everyone. I am called Autumn Wind. It is the live play of PS version "City - Fate of Intersection ~". I wish I could enjoy various dramas that will take place in Shibuya with you. It is the first live commentary, the first play. Because game choice is perfectly a hobby, this game lover is shaking hands with me. Recording, editing, because it is the first time in the first place, please let me know in the comments if there are improvement points. It may grow as much as comments. * We are seeing all of TIPS from Part 3. (* Postscript: TIPS that I overlooked on Part 1, 2 has been reviewed at Part 26) Next → sm32349100 Community: co3559922 City: mylist/60441543 Part 1 My list: mylist/60905768 Twitter: @ Akikaze_Taihuu I appreciate a lot of advertisements. When it is erased by the Chun Sov party, we are frightened.

Playthrough VideogameLet's play part 1 linkCity _ ~ Intersection of Fate ~Sound Novel Commentary Part 1 LinkLady live comment part 1 link秋風。街実況プレイpart1リンク


【City] I will make people in Shibuya happy. Part.1 【Commentary】 Download

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