【Japan-Korea issue】 Korean insult culture(sm32360130)

Posted at 24:36 on December 2nd, managed somehow! This time will be about Korea's unique "insulting culture". South Korea insult culture ar1097758 Quotation Source text and video texts are posted on the Bloomaga Japan-Korea issue (for beginners). Japan-Korea issue (for beginners) ch.nicovideo.jp/ooguchib Please go to kill time http://ooguchib.blog.fc2.com/ twitter @ ooguchib https://twitter.com/ooguchib This bullet magazine article ar1375991 last time sm32323646 mylist/59069876 Next time sm32394144 youtube version https://youtu.be/aWPliylpXf0

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【Japan-Korea issue】 Korean insult culture Download

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