【Gundam UC】 Riesel's comment 【slow commentary】 part4(sm32529899)

Thank you very much for seeing the commentary movie Thank you for seeing the 4th RGZ - 95 Riesel so please see with warm eyes → sm32514973 Next → sm32545000 My List → mylist/60561611 MS commentary after 3 years from the Laplace War → sm31388998 Shaft attack MS, MA commentary → mylist/60272984 Video I've posted so far → mylist/28583653 youtube Channel Shu Search Room Search! Your comments and comments are here. Nico Nico Commu -> co 296802 Thank you for advertising a lot. List of advertisers audience ar1417769

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【Gundam UC】 Riesel's comment 【slow commentary】 part4 Download

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