【Japan-Korea issue】 Cause the comfort women's problem will last forever(sm32579791)

This time I will write about recently somewhat talked about comfort women agreement and why the problem will continue. Originally posted article The cause of the comfort women image problem and the inexplicable meaning of the Japanese mass media ar1169768 The text of the quotation source and animation is posted to the Broma japanese-Korean problem (for beginners) problem. Japan-Korea issue (for beginners) ch.nicovideo.jp/ooguchib Please go to kill time http://ooguchib.blog.fc2.com/ twitter @ ooguchib https://twitter.com/ooguchib This blog article about arromancer ar1405818 last time sm32543323 mylist/59069876 Next time sm32614435 youtube version https://youtu.be/95qK7m6P0Y

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【Japan-Korea issue】 Cause the comfort women's problem will last forever Download

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