Genghis Khan insults? Shogakkan Apology for Mongolian protest(sm32787785)

In the manga published in the Shogakukan's "Monthly Korokoro Comic", scenes of graffiti of male instruments in the portrait of Mongolian hero Chingis Khan were drawn and the Mongolian government protested the Shogakkan through the Japanese government on February 23. The Shogakkan apologized. The scene of the problem was drawn in the magazine March issue "Overdoing !!! Itazura-kun". According to the Shogakkan, from Monday, Mongolian residents living in Japan and other protest phones have gone one after another, and Mongolian former Yokozuna Asao Dragon is criticized by Twitter. Embassy of Japan in Mongolia also posted protests on the official facebook under the temporary proxy ambassador's name. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the Mongolian side protested to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials accompanying Mr. Mongolian foreign minister and Japan's parliamentarians on February 23, the ministry reported to the Shogakkan. Officials at Shogakukan said they met with Mongolian extraordinary proxy ambassador to Japan and apologized. The spokesperson for the company said in a speech by the Asahi Newspaper, "We are deeply apologizing for having caused all people who adore Mongolian people and Genghis Khan to feel uncomfortable by doing inappropriate expressions, I will tell you. " https://www.asahi.com/articles/ASL2R643YL2RUTFK01K.html

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Genghis Khan insults? Shogakkan Apology for Mongolian protest Download

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