World's Strongest National Olympics SUMOU(sm493258)

● The strongest national sports that Japan is proud of in the world, that is SUMOU. Thank you for the subtitling craftsman. I think this video is a movie you can enjoy because there are comments. ● By the way it is reprinted. Origin is a rainbow. ● You can see the SUMOU that moves if you fly from "Oni Musou" tag. ● Once in a while, there is a request to fix captions using contributor rice, but with this movie called the head family (Thank you) I think that you should not fix captions. But it is about to paste a link to a superb contributor rice movie ... So that's why I like DONOU [sm1746755] personally.

SportsThe world, this is Japan.UncensoredRussian giant RC eraImportant Nico Nico Cultural PropertiesSUMOUThank you subtitler craftsmanDemon pairWorld's Strongest SeriesReason why Japan has no nuclear weapons


World's Strongest National Olympics SUMOU Download

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