【Touhou】 Bad Apple !! PV 【Shadow painting】(sm8628149)

I tried shadow-like style of the original story (nm 3601701) of the example. There are many parts borrowed from the predecessors for images and composition. Okay, I gave up because of a fatal reason (I do not know who it is if I do not have clothes ...) I am fortunate if you feel interesting. Stema: Let's Contribution! Watch / 1398430036

Bad_Apple !! _ feat._ nomicoTouhouBad_Apple !!Shadow pictureAguraShould be evaluated foreverImportant Nico Nico Cultural PropertiesDAM on delivery2700万再生昔のニコニコを取り戻せ


【Touhou】 Bad Apple !! PV 【Shadow painting】 Download

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