Screen shot experiment animation "6566/6566" 【Bad Apple !! PV 【shadow painting】 arrangement】(sm9519847)

Thank you very much. I tried making animation animation with study of photography technology. I can not draw a picture so I used that great video on the subject, 【Toho】 Bad Apple !! PV 【Shadow Picture】 → sm8628149. The taken still image (640 x 480) is uncorrected including trimming. Changes are made only by adjusting the position of the camera and the object / lighting / focus / zoom / exposure / gain. Camera uses QCAM-200SX. Although the image last is [6565], it is 6566 since it starts from 0000. ■ Thank you for choosing the 2010/12/20 Video Award 2010 Grand Prix. ■ 2015/3/16 another Bad Apple !! PV 【Shadow picture】 I tried the news → sm25798480 ■ Making: sm9560637 ■ My own video: mylist/767941

Bad_Apple !! _ feat._ nomicoTouhouNikoniko Engineering DepartmentWho told me to do so30 fpsBad_Apple !!Filmingstop-motionThe powerhouse of the nine yearsWhat is it, just a god?This_is_how_they_made_it.


Screen shot experiment animation "6566/6566" 【Bad Apple !! PV 【shadow painting】 arrangement】 Download

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