“響喜乱舞” comes out!!! Thank so much for everyone who help with this rideo a lot. everything was to be early cuz for these guys! Loan table is in the video. OK,just changed it to be ZIP,I hope everyone to be able to use it now. I share PMM, pls open it by MMD first ,I writed RM that could tell how to use it, THX VERY MUCH! Model need to have the"IK親""腰""肩P""捩骨""D骨" . If your model does not have these two kinds of bones, then use the plug-in to add bones in PE, otherwise it will not work. I writed READ ME in English,so pls read it ,its very important to tell u how to make your video perfect with this motion.Thanks very much! Action reference: sm33874865 Music source: sm33880152 DL:https://bowlroll.net/file/179403 Model source: さぽ式鶴丸国永、零式舞扇 Mouth made :银杏卷



【MMD】GARNiDELiA——響喜乱舞【モーション配布】 のダウンロード